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Welcome to Mimi Near Mosaic Studio
Mimi Near grew up in the Northwest and loves the outdoors.  Mimi delights in the diversity and beauty of the natural world and gathers her inspiration from her interaction with it.

Mimi has been creating with her hands her whole life, for the last twelve years glass tesserae has been her medium. She learned the technical skills from her years as a Ceramic Tile Contractor, studied mosaic with Lucciana Notturni in Ravenna, Italy and continues to nurture her inspiration through experimentation and observatation.  Mimi creates public art, hanging art pieces, sculpture ad installations to enhance interior or exterior spaces.

Contained within this website you will find examples of mosaic mural installations, framed and unframed art pieces, exterior water features, mosaic "shards" reminiscent of ancient excavated mosaics, Public Art projects and information on workshops, classes and ways in which Mimi can work with you to bring your ideas into reality.

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10' x 12' glass mosaic mural.   Private residence.